Nov 26, 2018

Leo G comes through with a powerful new EP.


by ASadler


Hip-Hop’s reach has grown from its early origins in New York. Now, some of the most popular artists opt to tour their content almost exclusively overseas given how much those fans are willing to pay and the energy they bring to shows.

The track’s title, “Tior” is an Old English noun meaning “animal” and the approach to the two songs certainly has a fierceness to it. “SP33DRACIN” is a trap banger featuring Avely, and it’s highlighted by a unique flow and accent. There’s a certain amount of organized chaos that keeps the ear locked in. At the song’s core, it’s like any song where artists outline their fast lifestyles, but the manner in which the narrative is told and heard sets it apart.

“MIDNIGHT RESPAWN” is a solo outing for Leo, backed by a classic feeling Hip Hop bounce, hi-hats, and synths. This song’s hook is the rapper’s pronunciation. There’s a sense of influence from Young Thug here, as the manipulation of syllables impacts the flexibility of the rhymes. Leo sits comfortably in the pockets of this track and gives yet another glimpse of how he flexes in his own way.

All in all, the EP is a different experience and there’s never anything bad about checking out content you may not normally listen to. Of course it isn’t the greatest thing on Earth, but certainly, it leaves us to wonder what else Russia has to offer in terms of rap.

Check out Tior by Leo G below.