Living in Las Vegas, it’s easy to see how a local artist could have a rough time catching steam when local residents have The Strip as an option every night. Despite this, the city has started to do better with championing its artists and helping to establish their voice. One of these artists is native DejaNay who checks in for the first time with her divine new video, “Screwed Up”.

Directed by Andres Bolivar, the video for “Screwed Up” is set in the woods where scenes vary between spooky cabin shots of Deja burning sage, and a brilliant shot of Deja near the logs and trees, looking like a musical oracle. With the vibe of the song exactly matching what was described in the video, the director and Deja found and executed a plan rooted in chemistry, making for a great video.

As for the record, Deja shines, showcasing exactly why her music has been placed on such shows as Insecure and Hustle In Brooklyn. Her silky smooth vocals help to accentuate her sultry image and tie the entire package together.

Watch, “Screwed Up” below and be sure to stay hip to DejaNay.