Nov 7, 2018

by GregGaffney


Late last night, the buzzing Atlanta trio, Larry League, left their fans in suspense as they teased a very new, very rare, Wintertime track titled “GPS”. For those unfamiliar, Wintertime built a huge following coming up in the same era when Lil Yachty was starting to emerge. The two even linked for an EP, Wintertime On A Boat, which continues to pick up new fans to this day. After gaining a pretty serious following, Wintertime went completely dark, removing many of his old songs and projects off of Soundcloud and purging all his social media.

Wintertime’s legend has grown over the years, leaving fans scrambling to random Youtube links to find most of his old music, but thanks to Larry League we can all enjoy a new Wintertime cut. Packed with humorous quotables, we can only hope that this means we will get more Wintertime music in the future.

Check out the new single GPS below.