by ASadler


New year, new name, new energy? Perhaps. Miami’s L.E.X, now also known as Scrúe Hefner, opted to not start this year with a passionate Instagram post or two-week stint in the gym. Rather, he dropped off a new mixtape titled Happy Scrúe Year.

The five-track tape and new moniker are a clear nod to the late Hugh Hefner, and boy does his essence get captured in the music. L.E.X is confident, motivated by the money, and dealing with a surplus of women. The bass-heavy opener “ASAP” points to the sense of urgency he feels in chasing the bag and achieving his success. “Right now, I need it all in the bag right now, I need a broad with some ass right now, shit I need a blunt full of gas right now.” Simple, and he surely isn’t alone.

What’s more enjoyable than the repetitive, motivating hooks is the energy he brings lyrically. “Ray Charles (no face, no case)” feels like target practice for the rapper, landing each bar in the right pocket for a composed yet cocky jam. He brings along his pals CLOUD and Ca$ino Chris for the final two tracks, “WYB” and “( I ),” respectively. “( I )” is the ideal closer, taking it back to the boom-bap roots that the young rapper has raved about previously. One of the best parts of this tape for me is the production, very instrument-heavy and sonically versatile. There’s a clear feeling of creative inspiration here.

Scrúe is looking to drop two potential projects this year, but he’s already off to a strong start. We previously covered his single “Devilish” featuring G Lobo and surely look forward to what’s coming next. 2019 could be full of surprises after the name change. Check out the tape below and, as always, stay tuned.