Nov 21, 2018

L.E.X. & G-LOBO are keeping cool on scorching new single.


by ASadler


There’s a level of peace in dealing with the haters but being able to give them no reaction beyond a smile. Upper Echelon members L.E.X and G-LOBO give off a strong sense of confidence and composure in spite any negativity that comes his way in new single “Devillish.”

Hailing from Miami, the two know all about the fast life and the hustle. However, this song is a more calm and collected energy. They aren’t bothered by the opposition, but rather they just grin and keep doing their thing. L.E.X handles the first verse, comparing life to a woman that he kisses and his freshness to a Tic-Tac.

Lobo pops up for verse two, catching sight of the police in his vicinity. He isn’t worried, and he denounces any association with gossip activities. One could say the lyricism has a slight New York feel to it, likely due to L.E.X’s admitted admiration of artists like JAY-Z and Nas. The beat is more Houston-like, and points to Upper Echelon’s ability to bring those two worlds together without any clash.

Upper Echelon performs frequently throughout Miami, continuing to build their name and brand. L.E.X in particular is gearing up to release two mixtapes, one of which he will exclusively freestyle over classic Hip-Hop beats from decades past. It’s getting cold on most of the East Coast, but these Miami boys are looking to heat up as the 2019 draws near.

Stream “Devillish” below and smile at the next hater you see.