Dec 30, 2018

KXNG Crooked proves he’s still got plenty of ammo in the chamber.


by Mike_Squid


KXNG Crooked has been certified as one of the most talented emcees for a while now. The emcee’s art has aged like a fine wine or cigar, getting better with age. Today, he’s back on our pages with a blistering new single “B.C.”, while the energetic new offering is filled with plenty of wisdom as Crooked tears apart a wavy instrumental that includes a prominent Fugees sample. Crooked proves that the older generation still knows a thing or three about crafting hits. The song’s title seems to be an ode to those that came before the contemporary wave. Crooked’s lyrics speak for themselves, younger emcees have a ways to go before being in the same stratosphere as their elders.

Press play below.