It’s always a treat when an artist can get you hype, but simultaneously thrust you into your sentimental. It won’t take long before the chime-like synths and hi-hats of “Head High” by Kush.wav get you thinking about something or someone. Often utilizing brighter sounding vocals, he opts for a more baritone sound to fully embody the somber tone of the song.

He speaks of a relationship that fell apart, but he’s optimistic about moving forward and he hopes she can too. He’s still strolling clubs fly as hell and cashing checks, but it’s not ridding him of the realities of his life because we all know happiness can’t be bought. It’s the repetition of “gotta keep my head held high so strong” and his assertion about “tunnel vision” that makes us feel as though he’s going to be okay.

It’s been an exciting few months for the NYC rapper, just coming off a show at the Paperbox in Brooklyn. This is the fifth single he’s released this year alone, with the upbeat “Options” featuring TJ and Kahme.wav being among his more popular content out. “No Features” and “Overtime” are for sure worth a listen as well.

Like his name says, 23-year-old Kush is on a wav(e) of his own. The rate he’s putting stuff out, we could get a set of videos over the next month or five more songs. There’s beauty in the uncertainty. For now, keep your chin up and listen to “Head High.”