by liammccarthy


Future is a legend, and there’s no denying it. Despite his undeniable status in the rap game, many were shocked to hear a lyric on his single Coming Out Strong, as the Atlanta native seemingly raps “The only time I feel alive is when I taste dick,” (hear it at the 1:38 mark in second video at bottom of post.)

Thankfully, Kodak Black recently took it upon himself to phone Future and question him about his intentions behind the lyric. In the Instagram Live clip below, the Project Baby asks “Aye I’m listening to this song dawg, and a n**** fuck with you so tough homie, what did you say at this part right here bruh?”

Future responds with “I only feel alive when I take it, like when I take pills.” I’m glad the air is finally cleared on this subject, and Kodak seemed like the perfect person to do it. Now, I can listen to Future and The Weeknd sing their smash without questioning Hendrix’s sexuality.