Jan 7, 2019

by Mike_Squid


I’m the rare hip-hop fan that stans producers rather than the artists in most cases. Posters of MF Doom, J Dilla, and Madlib adorn my cramped apartment confines hovering as reminders of ironically enough, what I consider true artistry. Knxwledge is the rare contemporary producer that refuses to adapt to current trends and instead hopes to interject some much needed sonic diversity to the market.

In this way, he may be the most impressive contemporary producer in my view and may soon join the aforementioned greats as a visual reminder of artistic excellence in my humble home. His latest imaginative interpolation finds the prodigal producer using a slurred and haunting background instrumental to compliment a Meek Mill freestyle from earlier this year, that we recently featured on our best freestyles of the year list.

Enjoy Knxwledge’s latest, “whtiwant_” below.