Sep 4, 2018

Unhappy Hank and King Coogi made the most fun banger you will hear all year.


by jgregory


It isn’t often that can light up my face with a smile and bop my head aggressively at the same time, but goddamn it “NPR” is that song. For starters, Unhappy Hank completely changed his usually bellicose and belligerent sound for a bright instrumental centered around a horn sample. While his producer name leads you to believe that he is a miserable man, this beat made me believe that maybe even the Unhappiest producer this side of the Mississippi might have a glimmer of happiness in his heart after all. All jokes aside, this beat seriously slaps and is sonically delightful.

Now I must address the star of the show, King Coogi. His hook is absolutely magnetic and sanguine. I can’t help but smile when I hear the remarkably simple, but incredibly witty chorus. Coogi’s verses not only have fantastic specific NPR references, but also some other clever content embedded over Hank’s instrumental. If you like to have a good time, this is the song for you, and I highly recommend listening to this.

Go bump this ignorantly loud. Listen to “NPR” here: