Anxiously bringing Stones Throw Records pianist & producer, Kiefer, back to our platform again since our Don’t Play Yourself segment, where we exclusively got to connect with him over his last EP, Bridges, it’s apparent that he isn’t wasting any time when it comes to his craft. Dedicating all of his time and energy toward his next project titled SUPERBLOOM which is due this September, his brilliance is revolutionized in his latest single titled “10,000 Days” where the title is obvious in context that it’s go time.

Bridges was definitely one of those projects that stirred up my interests in a sense of chord progressions and the overall anatomy of piano as a whole. Complex and fine tuned, Kiefer’s ability to entice his listeners with impressionable R&B and hip-hop infused jazz elements makes me believe that his ear is not designed like the rest. With this newest track being a first look inside his upcoming album, “10,000 Days” is exceptionally a track that brings on a new feeling of elation upon listening. We are with a doubt anxious for the release of SUPERBLOOM as “10,000 Days” is simply the onset of something truly great that is approaching rapidly.

Side note: maybe you know this, maybe you don’t but Kiefer also teaches piano lessons as well so if you’re located in Los Angeles and are interested in a session from one of music’s greats, feel free to email him directly at

Press play on Kiefer’s new single “10,000 Days” below: