Jun 8, 2017

Khalid and Swae Lee’s angelic voices are sounding better than ever.


by liammccarthy


Talk about a stacked lineup. Following the release of two star-studded remixes to his “American Teenager” singles “Location” and “Let’s Go,” Khalid returns alongside Rae Sremmurd and Lil Boat for the official g-mix to “Young Dumb & Broke.”

Repeatedly calling yourself “young, dumb and broke” on your own god damn song is a brutally honest statement in itself. All four artists featured on the track are under the age of 26 and possess enough humility to admit that intelligence is rare for youth, though the whole “broke” part surely doesn’t apply to any of the young moguls.

Get your ears on the “Young Dumb & Broke” remix below and enjoy the vigorous track.