Oct 19, 2018

One of our favorite ATLiens finds his bag in this new leak.


by HOwens



It’s simple; Key! isn’t impressed with you. With half a decade in the game, he’s solidified himself as an inspiration; even if he is underrated. 2018 has seen Key! throw more punches than ever before, with projects like 777 with Kenny Beats pinpointing that he deserves his credit as a pioneer. And he’s not looking to stop yet, recently dropping “Time Of My Life” with DRAM and now “Zack Morris”.

“Zack Morris” finds Key! in his melodic bag, crooning over popping synths and a driving 808 bassline. He makes references to the classic TV show Saved By Bell, calling his foes screech while he’s Zach Morris. It’s an unusual flex, but Key!’s confidence makes it hard to deny he’s the popular one in class.

Listen to “Zach Morris” below.