Feb 3, 2019

KeithCharles exudes a message of persistent dedication to his growth and development in brand new single, “Heartbreak at Our Age”.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


New York-based producer & musician, KeithCharles, has always been an artist of innovation, constantly taking new measures and experimenting with his multitalented background. It didn’t take very long for Keith to establish his individualistic sound, making his mark with versatility being the name to his game. Taking a short hiatus since “Me In Heaven, Me in Hell II” which released in 2017, Keith has still continued his due diligence as a progressive musician and artist by touring with a fellow peer, HOMESHAKE, taking the North American continent and Europe by storm. Keith has received quite a substantial amount of exposure in the meantime, also collaborating on campaigns for Nike, AA Spectrum, Converse & JW Anderson to name just a few. 

Just a day ago, KeithCharles returns with a brand new single titled “Heartbreak at Our Age”, where he challenges the concepts of how falling in love can be a distraction from achieving your dreams and fulfilling your passions, however prioritizing how important it is to maintain balance. Pacifying piano chords open the track until the incorporation of knocking drum patterns meet the forefront. With lyrics like, “I can’t fall asleep/I can’t fall too deep..”, Keith sends a message of being relentless in his movements and achievements, despite the burning romance that may come along—making it totally evident that no matter what he may feel inside, no one in his pathway can halt his progression, not even himself. 

Press play on “Heartbreak at Our Age” below: