Nov 17, 2018

“This is for love, this for depression. This is for hate, this for progression.”


by Mike_Squid


Katori Walker has something special on his hands with this one, well more like five, I’ll explain. Walker’s recently released EP 1 Minute of Your Time… is an aptly named emotive project that centers around five songs or “Acts” as Katori refers to them, each clocking in at, you guessed it one-minute in length.

What the tracks lack in length they make up for in raw passion and storytelling ability, each painting a different situation that flows into the next. Those of you familiar with Tierra Whack are undoubtedly familiar with the approach of brief songs to tell deep narratives. Katori seems to be excelling in each minute, and much like Whack World, Walker is someone who figures to stay in regular rotation for months to come with his compelling new project.

Press play on the five-act project below.