May 22, 2019

When Kari Faux shoots, she just simply doesn’t miss. Like ever.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


Following the release of one of her most passionate projects titled Cry 4 Help, it was very well-known & apparent across the board that L.A. based singer and rapper Kari Faux was sure in her delivery, taking her listeners on an expressive journey through her innermost learning experiences, personal struggles with traumatic events and mostly, just all around realness. Fresh from the beautiful EP, we have yet another stunningly directed music video by the one and only Dylan McGale. Having witnessed what these two were capable of in Kari’s visual for “LEAVE ME ALONE”, I was greeted by nothing but high expectations, a vision is clear-cut along with being visually enticing. “Night Time” to me personally is one of Kari’s more resilient tracks from her project, only making this collaboration completely fitting for Dylan and Kari’s linkage upon telling the impressionable stories going on in her mind.

Photo taken by: Deedee Deschanel

Kari begins her storytelling by rolling a joint in a parked car off of a dark, empty alleyway–rain drops gliding down the windows, greeted by illuminating neon lights. Kari then looks up into a window of a building across the way, where she then begins her recap of her “said” love affair. There is a particular reason as to why the theme is surrounded by darkness and what goes on in the “night time”, revealing some very creepy & questionable situations she gets placed in as the video continues. The perceptions that can be drawn from this video get pretty heavy as you start to analyze each piece. The intricate, filmic details throughout the video along with the aesthetics always being in order, this video is guaranteed to be one of those moments that sends you into think-piece mode, totally in awe at the cinematic artistry and ability of both Kari & Dylan.

Kari Faux is set to take on stages around the U.S., beginning her official Cry 4 Help tour on May 21 in Dallas, Texas. Concluding June 9 in Los Angeles, it’s highly suggested that you catch her while you can. Be sure to check the dates listed below for more information.

5/21: Dallas, TX – Cambridge Room, House of Blues

5/22: Little Rock, AR – Cals Ron Robinson Theater

5/23: Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall

5/26: Atlanta, GA – Aisle 5

5/27: Washington, D.C. – Songbyrd Music House

5/28: Allston, MA – Great Scott

5/29: Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right

5/31: Toronto, ON – Radio (Adelaide Hall)

5/31-6/2: Chicago, IL – Do Division Festival 2019

6/2: Minneapolis, MN – Loring Theater

6/5: Santa Ana, CA – La Santa

6/7: Oakland, CA – The New Parish

6/9: Los Angeles, CA – Moroccan Lounge

Press play to watch Kari’s new music video for “Night Time” below: