It can be very tough balancing love and the pursuit of your dream, but it takes communication and reassurance. Florida pop singer Kallie Rock decided tap UK artist Macca Wiles to let her man know through song that everyone would be okay between them in her new single “Ride With Me.” The song induces a rollercoaster of emotion, much like the experience many have when chasing a dream and trying to fit the object of their affection into that equation.

Produced by TheLab, Kallie has explained that it only took hearing the beat for 30 seconds before she knew it was something she had to get on. That, along with her dating experience she could pull from created an honest, vulnerable song. Her appreciation for pop music due to growing up in the 90s meshes seamlessly with Hip Hop influence gained from talented producers she has worked such as Lee Major. Wiles’ verse simply puts the cherry on top.

With so much talent emerging from Florida going the Hip-Hop route, she has a unique opportunity to provide a different flavor and break into the pop game. Then again, perhaps there’s a feature from a Florida rapper in the works that will allow her to catch the eye of big names in the industry. Check out her new single “Ride With Me” and some fan covers to her previously.