Nov 30, 2018
Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


After signing with Def Jam Records in July of this year and releasing a long-awaited 8-song EP, Los Angeles based R&B singer-songwriter & producer, K. Roosevelt, presents to his listeners and fans that he is aboard a non-stop bullet train—on a path to nothing but flawless and wholesome success.

Releasing the visual for “Feelings Don’t Change”, we are greeted by 3 different frames of reference. This point of view gives us a closer connection with each sound that creates the song, a concept that isn’t very popular in today’s visual approach.

In the video, K. sits in a modern-styled living room alone, just him and his instruments. The top view: K. sings the introduction “Bout to grab a bottle, I’ve been workin’ all week/Hit me on my cell phone, girl I’m tryna see ya..” We all know what it feels like to finally have some time to self after grinding out long hours of work. Even better when it’s with someone who has a chill personality, someone you can truly kick back and relax with after all the stress. The middle view: K. adds in the keyboard synths, calmly swaying and rocking to the beat as he goes along.

Lastly, we have the bottom view: K. playing soothing and pleasant guitar chords—showcasing just how multifaceted he truly is with his musical capabilities. The level of simplicity with this style of visual production creates openness and intimacy between K. & his viewers, a feeling unforgettable.

Press play below to view the video: