Apr 2, 2019

Don’t miss out on this.


by juneilcg


Toronto vocalist Jute$ returns to our pages with a seductive track titled “Too Easy” following up “You Hate What I’ve Become” a rousing mix of Rap Pop & R&B and “Devil” a silky smooth track about the trappings of love. Dejected, Jute$ sings “You could never love me like you love yourself / I was sitting watching you love everyone else, “When you found me I needed someone to trust, You told me to wait but you never show up” before vocalizing his frustrations on the hook with vocals as powerful as they are reflective expressing the pain bearing heavily on his soul. He rises from a state of gloom to deliver an anthemic track that also serves as a confident statement. With “Too Easy” the skilled singer produces an addictive track that is soul piercing and magnetic in sound.

Listen to “Too Easy” below