Dec 2, 2018

Press play on this striking new visual.


by ASadler


JR clearly has a lot to say, and he wanted you to focus entirely on him and BRXTN in this visual for “Do You Know” set in the middle of a street between the forest. His aggressive flow and BRXTN’s faster diction made for a two-pronged attack over this King Payday-produced beat. There’s beauty in the simplicity of the video, shot by Creed from Noisee Productions.

Aside from the two rappers, the only other moving parts of this video is a random Jeep driving by and the car they eventually leave in at the video’s closing. The chorus is highlighted by the repetition of “Do you know what you’re getting into? Do you know?” and for those who don’t, the Louisville-born rapper offers plenty of reminders. “We ain’t ’bout to stop until we on this shit.”

“I just been trusting the process, and I got a superior complex, when it comes to the rap ain’t no contest” is how BRXTN kicks off his verse, with the energy to match the words as he dances around the road. Both men’s lyrical ability and rhyming abilities point to great potential to make some waves as they continue growing.

JR, 24, has been grinding with his music since 2015. He’s released multiple mixtapes, and a slew of videos for his tracks “SWISH,” “Space Mountain, and “Where I’m From.” He’s also performed all over the country and opened up for Rae Sremmurd back in 2016.

JR is looking to release his next project in 2019, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see BRXTN pop up again as the tandem certainly has strong chemistry. Check out the video for “Do You Know” here.