Nov 21, 2018

Finally, a beef with some bars behind it.


by ASadler


Well, that was fast. After an exchange of words over Instagram lead to Tory Lanez dropping the “Lucky You” Freestyle, Joyner Lucas acted very fast and matched Tory’s brashness with a reply freestyle over certified Gold track “Litty” from Meek Mill‘s DC4.

The Massachusetts rapper wasted no time getting to the point, opening up with “What’s up with you R&B niggas tryna turn rappers and trappers?” Soon after he mentions Trippie Redd by name, who chimed in on IG Live in support of the Chixtape rapper. Before the beat even drops, he likens them to Ren and Stimpy from the popular children’s Nickelodeon show. 30 seconds in, already spicy.

One minute and 30 seconds in he continually jabs at Tory Lanez’ height, the fact that he has hits but not a consistent fanbase, and the fact his hairline surgery might have messed with his brain cells. He goes as far as to say “we already got Drake, we don’t need another.” Oh, did we forget to mention this was a three and a half minute freestyle?

The rest of the disses shall be left for you all to consume on your own, but what a retort for Lucas. The beat selection, wordplay, and insults were certainly enough for Tory to respond to. Though no one likely saw this beef coming, it could be quite an entertaining ending to 2018.

Although Lucas did say at the end, with a laugh, that he and Lanez ought to make a record together. This further increases skepticism about whether or not they are in cahoots. This very well could have been a ploy to draw attention back to them both as they rollout new projects.

To bring you up to speed once again, Tory Lanez was hanging out on IG Live answering fan questions. Somehow Joyner Lucas came up, and Tory dismissed the topic immediately by saying Lucas can’t match up to him. The “I’m Not Racist” rapper replied on his Instagram, looking to setup a challenge between the two. Tory wasn’t interested in organized sparring, and dropped the “Lucky You” Freestyle at 5AM Tuesday morning over the same beat Lucas rapped on with Eminem in Kamikaze.

Again, very unexpected beef but we are here for it if tracks like this keep coming. Both freestyles were solid, and given Tory’s ego it wouldn’t be surprising to see a track from him very soon after what Lucas said, and if in fact the beef is real. Regardless, Joe Budden said it best on his podcast when he explained the risk in inciting warfare with rappers in with they are album mode. The timing could prove to be one’s downfall as they’ve been writing, they’ve been in the booth, and their creativity is flowing.

Joyner Lucas’s project ADHD is coming soon, and Tory is perpetually in album mode as we all know. These freestyles are certainly support Budden’s claim, and rap fans might just get a decent rap beef in 2018 after all. It’ll be interesting to see how Trippie reacts to this as well. Check out Joyner Lucas’s “Litty” freestyle below.