January 09, 2019

Jordan Ward releases his very first visual of the new year.

Kyaira Ortloff

Rightfully so, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen Jordan Ward’s name grace our pages.  Upon the release of his single, “Candid”, which dropped back in November of last year, Jordan returns with an eloquent and visually descriptive video, filled with recaps of special moments shared with his lover at the time. As Jordan sings, “Can’t believe somebody took the place of me..” the look on his lover’s face showcases how the lack of communication has left them where they are presently. Keys moments like these reflect the disconnect Jordan speaks of in his lyrics.

Animated clouds then surround Jordan as we then transition into Jordan sitting in the rain, surrounded by thriving plants and a rainbow. With this scene, Jordan expresses how this experience was necessary for him to realize how much more happiness, peace, positive energy has flooded into his life after feeling these emotions. Directed by Correntin Leroux, Jordan is captured from various angles with the usage of deep, vivid colors to enhance the deep-rooted emotion portrayed throughout the duration of the video.

Press play to view the visual for “Candid” below: