Joe Is Jova gives us his brand new animated visual for his emotional and metaphor laced 2 part mixtape BAIT

Bryan Zawlocki

by Bryan Zawlocki


Joe Is Jova recently relocated from Brooklyn from Cincinnati and since then has been doing nothing since creating music in his living room. “Still Got The Key” is the latest visual from his 2 pt project BAIT. Animated by d.Lux, Joe Is Jova’s “Still Got The Key” takes us on a metaphorical ride in a retro care in a futuristic digital landscape. We connect with Joe via Skype to chat about his move and his new video.

Joe Is Jova : What it do?

ELEVATOR : Shit just listening to some new heat I discovered.
Joe Is Jova : Slim Jesus?

ELEVATOR : HAHAHA no. Anyway, let’s talk about your new video, which is raw by the way. “Still Got The Keys” is the first visual from your first solo project? What were you doing before and what led up to this project?

Joe Is Jova : It’s the 3rd video. February 2015 I moved to Brooklyn from Cincinnati. Before that I was in a duo-group thing for 7 years. I moved here with my cousin/DJ/videographer/confidant Jake Money. I’ve spent the majority of my time in NYC in the living room with my studio recording these 10 songs for BAIT not much else. I don’t smoke or drink, so I don’t really fit in. I’m not particularly social either. I want to talk about aliens and religion, off rip, which isn’t a great first impression all the time haha.

The first two videos from Joe Is Jova’s BAIT project


ELEVATOR : Haha, thats true. You definitely seem very laid back in this “Bohemian Rap City” video. It’s a bit disappointing, because I find myself vibing to that song a little bit.
Joe Is Jova : I know though haha. I don’t look cool, I don’t move cool. I’m very calm and inquisitive by nature, so it’s out of character to “turn up” when the camera man says to do so. Until i’m on stage. I’ve been jumping on stage like Travis Scott for 7 years.

ELEVATOR : You mentioned the video d.Lux created has a lot of metaphorical meaning to go along with the song?
Joe Is Jova : Keys? yes. There’s a long long story to go with my love life. I wanted to write a song about having keys to someones heart. Her having mine, me having hers, having my own, etc. but I knew I had to make it sound cool, so the metaphors started. The first verse is about girls I was spending time with, for the sole purpose of filling up time. I couldn’t commit to them because I was still attached to the old fling. I made it about the car I was driving, an 88 BMW convertible I was borrowing from my Boss at the Mexican restaurant I was working at. The second verse parallels the apartment I used to live in. which was the most savage environment possible. I was borderline polygamist. I had 3 girls hanging out together, and they were all there for me. Drugs, alcohol, loud music, and deep conversation were a daily routine, the front door was never locked. Anyone could come and go.

ELEVATOR : Interesting situation.
Joe Is Jova : Yeah, those Mexicans took care of me, and I took care of them. I still have that relationship with them. Good to have friends like them.

ELEVATOR : How did you and d.lux come up with the concept for the visual and how did you guys go about making it?
Joe Is Jova : He posted up a 10 second render of a car driving on Instagram. I hit him up, sent him the song, he said he could do anything I wanted. What I saw was a 3d world he created. any angle, anything. I wanted kinda like a Warhol effect, same picture 4 times, different colors. I THOUGHT he would make like a 15-20 second loop. He ended up making it like 45secs, to loop 3 times for 3 verses using After Effects and some other thing that’s out of my league. Instagram is how we consume video now, so 15 secs is our attention span, but i’m glad he extended it.

ELEVATOR :  Glad it worked out, it’s definitely a cool video, it fits the song well.
Joe Is Jova :  Thank you.

Listen to Joe’s 2 part mixtape BAIT