Jun 9, 2017

We’ve been blessed with yet another A1 effort from South Florida’s finest.


by liammccarthy


Wifisfuneral has made a name for himself as one of the most lyrically talented rappers currently emerging from the underground. The 20 year-old South Florida paragon can rap circles around most of these new cats, and I mean that. Labeling him as a “mumble rapper” or anything close to that phrase would simply be unfair, though Joe Budden would probably do such a thing.

To defend against the raging coke addict that seems to have a problem with positivity, Wifi drops off a new heater rightfully titled “JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICantRap.” By lacing the Curtis Heron-produced instrumental with a set of mean verses, the young rapper dismisses any notion that he cannot rap and proves his undeniable skill on the eerie cut.

Take a listen to the new song below and enjoy.