Apr 6, 2018

Jabbie’s debut album is a perfectly constructed journey through pure emotion and heartbreak.


by liammccarthy


For the past four years of his life, JK The Reaper has been pouring hours of time and endless effort into his debut album “Digital Tears. The criminally slept-on Greensboro native delivers 12-tracks on the newly released full-length, complete with cover art deserving of placement in a prestigious art gallery.

Laced with entertaining skits and deeply personal undertones, “Digital Tears” is an expressive masterpiece that finds Jabbie in his most vulnerable form yet. Between melody-driven cuts like “Purple & Pink” and upbeat, lyrically dense bangers such as “City Boy,” the project contains a myriad of emotions and offers a glimpse into the mind of North Carolina’s most distinguished storyteller.

Constructed like an album should be, “Digital Tears” deviates from the standard of three hot singles and ten filler tracks – it’s a perfectly constructed journey through pure emotion and heartbreak in audio form, built to stand the test of time.

Experience JK The Reaper’s masterpiece by streaming “Digital Tears” below.