February 09, 2022

Upcoming artists Jimmy Bolt showcases his creativity with his new visual.

Stephanie Iris
Contributing Writer

Continuing on the momentum of last year's successes with a slew of releases planned for 2022, Houston rapper Jimmy Bolt stunts his way to the forefront of our minds with his new visual, "Mink Bars."

This time around, Jimmy Bolt is giving fans a glimpse into his life in all aspects. From the cars to clothes to females to the crib, Jimmy Bolt gives us a brief glimpse into his lavish lifestyle.

"This is really my life so I just wanted to showcase the latest penthouse and the vibes. It's just what we were doing for that day so you can only imagine how crazy shit gets in my world. The weather was cold in Houston that day and it's usually hot as hell so this was dope. We had the car, the penthouse and everything was mine. Nothing in the video is rented," Bolt explained.

Released via YellowLand records exclusively, Jimmy Bolt hopes this visual truly gives fans a personal insight to his daily life. It's clear Jimmy really lives everything that he raps about and he cuts no corners when it comes to his lifestyle and music.

"It's just me talking about the shit I always go through on a daily basis. It's just my mom and my girl and the yang. When I recorded this song I was in Utah in the mountains and I just zenned the f*ck out. I went to the studio, it was a small ass studio and we were just vibing. I had all that good ass weed from back home, I got my own weed strain, the Bolt Pack and we just made a hit."

While fans can look forward to Jimmy Bolt having his own strain in dispensaries across the map in the future, Bolt has a host of merchandise that recently hit the website and that will be available at BOLT BASH 2.

Raised in a musical family, Jimmy Bolt is a natural when it comes to creating and visualizing the feel to his music and the industry has taken notice after his collaborations with Lil Keed, SSG Splurge and co-signs from OG Louie the XIII, Rubi Rose, Gunna, Lil Baby and more.

Now with major gatekeepers in the rap game on his side, the push to the top for Jimmy has been laid out in yellow bricks.

Check out "Mink Bars" below: