Nov 30, 2018

Fixate your ears on this.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


UK based songwriter and musician, Jerome Thomas, is undeniably ascending at a rapid rate—after appearing on A COLORS SHOW back in March of this year and also headlining London’s Camden Festival in August as well. Being best known for his soulful & soothing tone of voice, his style is plainly relatable to the likes of R&B soul singer D’Angelo.

With the release of his newest single “Bruises”, Jerome’s mastery of crescendos and falsettos reminds us again that he carries a unique stability and balance in his vocal tone, one that is well integrated and balanced over any particular cadence he chooses. Jerome’s cohesiveness to any style or genre makes him truly a distinctive addition to the emerging UK music scene.

The vulnerability is the main theme here with Jerome, with “Bruises” being an evident proof of this. “I’m the one that lives with the battle scars/What to do, the more I lose, the more I need..” Jerome sings from the depths of his soul, with a strength that brings chills to the bodies of anyone listening. The method in which he exercises his vocal ability on this track reassures that he is only to continue elevating from here, as we are truly anxious to see what exponentially sprouts from his ongoing excellence.

Press play below to listen: