Atlanta front-runners Jelani Imani and DavidTheTragic have just collaborated on an enticing new music video, it’s titled “Ya Hear Me?”. Jelani kicks the track off with an energetic yet velvety delivery style over an atmospheric instrumental which emits an awfully serenading cadence. David comes on the second half of the track with a more commanding and brute flow that overall perfectly counter-acts with Jelani’s various harmonies. The track sits just under two minutes so I highly suggest running it back after you finish the first time so you can properly introduce yourself to two of the top, emerging acts out of Atlanta at the moment.

The music video is captured by @milabucks, @bryan_bbl, and @_queen as they masterfully spotlight and edit the duo flowing to the camera with Atlanta’s skyline on constant display in the backdrop to add more depth to this profound track.

Enjoy “Ya Hear Me?” below!