March 17, 2022

JBlanked continues off the success of his last single "Run No Game"


JBlanked is a self proclaimmed "Jack of All Trades". Yet he is fully aware thats he is a master of none. "Growing up, I realized I was good at a lot of things, but nothing was really for ME. I wasn’t great or the best at any of those things." He explains in a self written expose of his latest album CLARITY. Self awareness is key in anyone's, especially artists growth. To be able to take criticism, especially your own self criticism is a sign of mental and creative maturity. Being able to make the necessary improvements in those areas however is a whole other stories. It takes dedication, and discipline to right the metaphorical ship or sail it in the desired direction.

JBlanked latest single "Lost Ones" is a step in that direction. It's his latest single after has previous release "Run No Game", a smooth r&b bedroom track, racked up over a million plays on spotify.

"Lost Ones" is more ethereal and lofty but still in the same lane, espousing deep feelings of love lost and renewed. Hit play on it below.

You can read a whole break down of the album by JBlanked himself here.