The journey from James to Jaywop

Bryan Zawlocki

by Bryan Zawlocki


Self-proclaimed ‘Half ass rapper. Wholesome ass nigga’ Jaywop dished us the video for the 6th track ‘Carousel’ off his recently released EP 1217. I’ll let him do the talking.

“1217 is short for 1217 s 19th st, the house I became MYSELF in as a child. It’s a project of evolution; James to Jaywop. Your own truth is usually the narrative you have the least amount of answers for. I’ve always been that nigga that gave good advice but never had any to offer my own situation. As hard headed as I was, I learned the best way to get enlightened on a situation is merely speaking it, so I spoke it. To anybody listening, thank you for listening to 1217 the project, you’re loved.” – Jaywop

Give Jaywop a look and a listen below.