Nov 13, 2015

Rosenberg had fellow DMV-er Jay IDK on his Real Late show for an interview and freestyle


by Duke



Jay IDK’s SubTrap was one of my favorite projects this year, putting himself in that Fat Trel, GoldLink and Shy Glizzy echelon of the DMV’s next-up. He’s bringing substance to the trap scene (SubTrap, get it?) and picking up new fans exponentially along the way. Almost a rite of passage for the new wave of artists, Jay sat down with fellow DMV native Peter Rosenberg for his Real Late show to discuss his grassroots movement, a bevvy of other DMV artists making a push and his unique approach to making music. If you weren’t already convinced to check him out, he spit something mean too.

Grab SubTrap on iTunes right here, and while it’s downloading you can stream it below.