Dec 1, 2019

Jae only dropped his first song a month ago.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Jae Lynx is an emerging, youthful artist who hails from Pawtucket, Rhode Island and he is quickly on the rise after dropping off his first-ever song only a month ago, titled “No Manners”. Since the release of this music video, Jae Lynx has been approached by PnB Rock, YNW Melly‘s management and already got his first experience of walking through a label at Alamo Records. If these accolades don’t cement the direction he is headed then, by all means, his talent already speaks for itself as he will have no problem turning industry heads with his musical capabilities regardless. Jae has a strong harmonic presence on the Injdwetrust instrumental as his strong vocals also ooze confidence.

The music video is captured by Wet Visuals/Jay Pusha who skillfully displays the young artist in his community dripped down in designer and flowing to the camera while his bravado is also on full display. Jay also creates some slick and trippy edits in order to enhance how great the dynamic between the song and visual is and overall I highly recommend checking Jae Lynx out as he is evidently on the rise.

Enjoy “No Manners” below!