Jul 22, 2019

Jadu Heart creates an incredible, almost otherworldly atmosphere in their new track.


by jgregory


British duo Jadu Heart is back with a spectacular new offering titled “The Omen,” and it is one of my favorite tracks of the month from an instrumental standpoint alone. This latest release creates a vibrant atmosphere between both the production and the ethereal vocals. This wonderful instrumental is crafted by a consistent acoustic guitar riff, trap percussion, and otherworldly synths that create an even more surreal atmosphere than seemed possible.

However, the track takes a sudden sonic shift around halfway into the song’s run time, switching to a more laid back feel, still centering around the same guitar riff with some additional string implementation. The vocalists harmonize a great deal through this refrain before switching to an even more electronic instrumental section that leads back into the track to its close. I absolutely love this track and any fan of experimental music ought to stream this immediately.

Listen to “The Omen” here: