Back toward the end of October, we debuted Newburgh, NY rapper Jacques Laine‘s most recent single “Check In.” Since then, he has achieved his first track to hit over 100k streams and placements for the song on playlists curated by Tidal and Spotify. Today, the 23-year-old has dropped off an accompanying visual bringing us up to speed on his path from waking up on a couch and putting on his Space Jam Jordans, to performing in front of hype crowds in New York City.

Upon rising from his slumber with the du-rag fully intact (kudos) he sets out to get ready for his day. The camera pans to show his crew was already up and at ’em, with one guy phone cuffing and another one playing 2k. As Laine completes his transformation, sporting a dope camouflage hoodie saying “Father Stretch My Bands,” he hops in an Uber and heads to the studio.

The video flashes between his ride, him performing at a show, and then his ultimate arrival in the studio. It’s a narrative many up and coming rappers can relate too. Passing out on a couch after a late night in the studio only to wake up and head back. It’s a humble reflection on where he has been, and acknowledgment of where he currently is which perfectly pairs with the message of the song.

The authenticity of the experience is heightened by the fact part of the video came from one of his performances opening up for Dreamville’s Cozz on the Effected Tour. It was a special opportunity so soon after the release of his debut album Homecoming, and he’s already made clear his intentions to drop another project in the Spring of 2019 titled What Things May Come.

He truly is his ancestor’s wildest dreams, the son of Haitian immigrants who came to the states to make a better way for their children. He still has ways to go, but what he’s achieved already is more than laudatory. “Check In” with the lyricist by watching the new video above.