Oct 31, 2018

by ASadler


Whoever has uttered anything remotely close to “New York rap is dead” clearly isn’t in touch with the culture as of late. Several artists are forging paths for themselves in ways many have not done before. Newburgh-bred, Ivy League graduate Jacques Laine stands out among the rest and reiterates what he can do on new single “Check In.”

As hard a flow as anyone, the University of Pennsylvania graduate paints a picture of his come up and his experiences now even after the strides he’s made in music. “They wanna check on the kid, take flights to where I live, I don’t think we’ll speak again, always love to burn bridge, oh no I feel the pressure homie, there’s a lot of things riding on me, I don’t think they really know the story, I can’t let these niggas tell it for me.”

The chorus is catchy yet anthemic and inspirational. Laine doesn’t have time for the nonsense when he’s focused on the music and his paper chase, a status in life we all aspire to be at. It’s pensive and mature for such a young individual, being only 23 years old. He feels the pressure, but the way he attacks the beat effortlessly gives off the sense that he was composed and in his bag.

It makes sense, after the release of his debut LP Homecoming garnered him a significant buzz. So much so, that Dreamville’s Cozz brought Jacques along on for his Effected Tour. Several sold out shows through NYC, DC, and Oakland along with recognition from reputable blogs have laid the foundation for what can be a very successful career.

His hunger for success and work ethic has his train rolling yet again, with an EP titled What Things May Come set to release in the Spring of 2019. “Check In” serves as a heat check for Laine, but also a tone-setter for what is to come echoed in the EP’s title. Check out the single below!