Nov 21, 2018

Jack Harlow & K. Camp team for the visual for “PICKYOURPHONEUP”.


by AHoward


Louisville rapper Jack Harlow became one of the more talked about new rappers of the year with his viral video “SUNDOWN,”. Not allowing the momentum to slow, Harlow recruits K. Camp for their trippy new video, “PICKUPYOURPHONE.”

Backed by crazy effects provided from a highly active green screen, “PICKUPYOURPHONE” is a multi-colored, yet stark visual that is invigorated by cut-scenes that perfectly match up to their lyrics — peep the basketball scene when K. Camp says, “Your ex-said he ballin’, but he got no jumper.”

Serving as a standout track from Harlow’s 2018 debut, Loose, the track is a different flavor for the Louisville native, as he ditches the boastful raps — not completely, (“I feel like Drizzy on Ransom”) — for a more smooth, suave style that, coupled with his open personality in this video, could be the key to him earning more female fans.

Check out, “PICKUPYOURPHONE” above and get familiar with Jack Harlow.