Jan 11, 2020

Smooth as butter!

Bryan Zawlocki

by Bryan Zawlocki


J. Anomaly is an independent Hip-Hop/Rap artist from New Haven, CT that releases music under his own imprint, Elm to Ivy Records. His debut album, A Moment Shared, dropped August 2019 and features a variety of styles including thought-provoking bars, trap bangers, and melodic love songs. This track, in particular, titled “Fo’ Sho” is smooth as butter and it showcases J. Anomaly’s ear for melody and feel-good rap. It is a love song focused on the themes of reliability and passion. J. is working on the continued development of his craft, he tells us in his submission, as he prepares for his 2020 sophomore album, A Moment Lost. As a verified artist on genius.com with a google knowledge panel under his belt, J. Anomaly is making the full push for musical exposure.