I had the pleasure of speaking with the creator of Shit Talk Everyday with NateNumbaEight – a series of everyday video uploads onto twitter with titles such as “shit talkin 6ix9ine, Anarchy and percs,” “shit talkin Jalen Ramsey & rusty fools.” A self-proclaimed SoundCloud Rapper and motivational speaker, also a graphic designer and videographer. Let’s get into the interview itself (below) so that you can become more familiar with the real-life character himself.


1) Please tell us a bit about yourself.

“My name is NateNumbaEight or Yung Nato –  I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida; I love to talk my shit, make Soundcloud rap songs and smoke doinks. Adobe certified, interested in digital media, graphic design, videography, engineering, hand building, pottery; pretty much all forms of art, the vocal and digital side of music. I really like interacting with people, I like to make situations more interesting and entertaining. I could see myself doing stand up when I’m older. Everything I do is for my mother and grandmother.”


2) What inspired you to get started with Shit talk everyday with NateNumbaEight?  

“I used to like to watch battle rap with my good pal, Eric the Young Gawd, and recently I felt like my bars in my songs were going unheard and folks needed to hear what I had to say. So I got on the toilet and started talking my shit, folks responded well and I’mma keep going, thanks to their support.”


3) Where would you like your influence to take you?

“To a platform that allows me to create and expand on each talent I have, hopefully a platform that allows other creatives to showcase their talents too.”


4) Do you see yourself having your own television show? 

“Definitely, some Adult Swim / Adventure Time type show; a cartoon that makes people laugh. I could see myself being an extra in a horror movie too I always wanted to be a zombie in a movie and bite somebody and die in the goriest way possible.”


5) Please tell us the services you currently provide and where you can be contacted for them.

“I do everything and can do anything digital media wise except 3-d animation sadly, things such as logos, cover art, flyers, concert posters, videos/music videos, wedding videos, bar mitzvah videos, porn videos (as talent or director, but they gotta be talking GUAP). I engineer proficiently in logic, I’ll draw you like a super hero, anything DM me on  @natenumbaeight Instagram and twitter.”


6) Please elaborate on anything you are currently working on or want to add on – YouTube video links, photos, producer credits and so on

“I got so much to say, I’m always working; I have a lot of content already out but make more everyday so really I just tell folk stay tuned and support it if you see it. Shoutout my brothers, world famous interviewer @youaintpackinmeat and @cedgenativezero producer for”New Face”and other hits by me. Shout out to kilogodlaflare who produces for @macwitsupressor and also my favorite hotheaded jit. Shout out to @geeohhs, my favorite Canadian producer –  MOM & MY GRANDMA who I do everything for, & my brother Mo. This year I began working with producers @theblacktoilet,@paxkrunnin, @dcxshy and some others who have either made lots of songs with me or just 1 that really stands out in my heart.”

As a fellow Florida native (South Florida) it brings me such pride and joy to make you guys more aware of such a talented creator. Follow Nate’s journey and stay tuned for more to come from this promising creator. Shit Talk available daily via his Twitter page. Tune in!