In 2019, there’s no excuse to not be getting money in this climate. Aside from the traditional ways of currency, we’ve been introduced to extraordinary new tools like Cash App, Venmo, PayPal and more. Meaning, whether your splitting dinner with your buddies, paying rent or just buying weed, there’s no excuse to not have bread in this climate. Mirroring this notion, Indianapolis native, Breezy Montana unveils her interesting new video for, “Wanna Talk”.

From the jump, Breezy makes it known on the record what she’s about, starting off the video with a text from somebody looking for an eighth before she settles in and gets to work—in more ways than one. Displaying a slick and slimy cadence that makes every single word of hers worth the listen, Breezy effortlessly raps about getting money, no matter the channel while longing to make the channel more legal than not. Sporting a dope video to bring these ideas to life, Breezy proves that she might have a heater on her hands.

Tune into the video below and let us know what you think.