Jan 16, 2019

IIIDAZE is battling temptation on new visual.


by juneilcg


Virginia collective IIIDAZE have been releasing quality music for a while now. Their early releases “Ape” and “Devious” are both high-impact records with a unique sound you won’t typically find in underground music. Follow-up release “Electric Body” showed their softer side with a melodic record that hinted towards the themes they would explore on their concise yet adventurous debut album “Stars Never Die.a body of work that highlights their ingenuity.
Their first video of the new year “Elixir” is directed by IIIDAZE themselves and Spencer Sease. The nighttime setting pairs perfectly with the melancholy-inducing beat and confessional lyrics where the members discuss relationship woes weighing heavily on their minds and how they choose to cope.
Give this emotion-packed video a view here