Sep 5, 2015

ICYTWAT’s new Stain EP can be streamed right hurr


by Duke




I’ll admit I know very little about ICYTWAT, so I’m reading this interview that just dropped with him to catch up, here’s an excerpt where he talks about his new EP Stain, which you can stream below:

Robbie: I read you are very confident about Stain. What inspired this?

Icytwat: Well this EP is really the beginning of a new ICYTWAT, rap wise, and it’s really special to me. Strippers and gloing up really inspired this EP [laughs]. Not only strippers but just women in general. I love women so that’s what I talk about the most and that’s what really inspired me. What sets this apart from any other EP I’ve done is, I actually had to try on this one. Back then, I was just rapping and I didn’t really give a fuck about what I was releasing, but now I know that people are watching me so I have to put my all into it.