Auðunn Lúthersson cut his teeth playing with Icelandic hardcore and noise-rock bands. After seeing James Blake at Sónar in 2013, he reinvented himself under the pseudonym AUÐUR (pronounced “Author”) and switched over to electronic music – dropping his debut album, Alone, at the beginning of February. Alone is a slick and sensual take on R&B and explores the themes of isolation and longing.

Intimacy and sexual experimentation form the backdrop to Icelandic producer/singer Auður’s new single “I’d love”. Drawing inspiration from magical realism, Birdman and Christopher Nolan, the self-directed one-shot video takes place in a dimly lit hotel room as Auður sings, dances and tastefully shows off his guitar playing skills. Auður battles super natural elements in a visually jaw-dropping clip, fit for the unique eclectic soundscape of classical guitar, 808 bass and seductive vocals.

Watch the I’d Love video below: