HySociety is one of my favorite discoveries of the past few months. Hours upon hours of scouring the depths of the internet looking talented people in a sea of bullshit can be quite frustrating and discouraging, but when you finally stumble upon something special it just means so much more.

Composed of two friends, Roy Smith and Shiloh, HySociety is one of the most intriguing and unique rap duos putting out quality music at the moment. “She Say She Like My Face” is their newest offering after their yearlong drought. Both have put out music independently, but there is an evident chemistry between the two that emanates from every line of this song.

Over a glittery and bright instrumental, Shiloh’s hook is ridiculously catchy and has deeply embedded itself into my mind for likely weeks to come. Roy Smith’s flow is impressive and he shows the adept ability to change cadences to keep things interesting as he explores young love and the life of a party in his verse. Shiloh also marvelously navigates the instrumental, offering solid bars to supplement the hook and bridge.

Keep an eye on these two. I really think they might be onto something here.