Mar 7, 2019

Hypno Carlito shows impressive potential on new project.


by ASadler


There’s something about Chicago and music. Talent continues to be bred there, and for the most part, they stick together. Former OTF signee Hypno Carlito recently dropped off mixtape Never Cared and if its any indication of the future, we ought to pay close attention to this guy.

At 11 songs and 36 minutes, it’s an easy and enjoyable listen. Carlito utilizes autotuned vocals and melodies very well and brings along Lil Durk, Valee, Lil Zay Osama and others who certainly complement his musical style. It’s like a relatable level of crooning, but instead of worrying about women he details how hard he flexes in a catchy voice. I’d hardly call him a member of the pack though.

Songs like “Jealousy” show his ability to execute strong choruses, something I focus on a lot and realize a lot of artists aren’t that good at. It’s catchy, the rhymes are clever, and it just works. “Little Star” featuring Cosha TG genuinely warmed my heart. Even if he’s dirty macking, Carlito got into his sentimental bag and flipped the “Marvin’s Room” hook so of course, it worked for me. Shoutout Lazza coming through with the Spanish energy on “Think About It.” This is a diverse body of work.

Again, it’s 36 minutes so the dude isn’t looking to bombard you. Not saying every song is perfect, but I genuinely enjoyed all that I heard which hints at star potential for me. He’s affiliated with some hard workers, but clearly has a fire of his own driving his work. As always, I’ll be on the lookout for what’s next.

Press play on Never Cared by Hypno Carlito below.