Jace – “Rewind” Music Video

“Shit was so simple before I was rapping.”

Jace is returning to our feed in a big way today with his emphatic new release, “Rewind”. As part of our collaborative Iconiq Vol 2 tape with Hpnotiq, Jace is delivering a mesmerizing new single and accompanying video. The track is anchored by a soulful instrumental as Jace laces the buttery beat with infectious bars and melodies throughout. Surrounded by blue bottles, Jace reminds viewers and listeners alike that he’s at the top of his game.

Jace is feeling reflective on the captivating new release and admits that “Shit was so simple before I was rapping.”. While things may be a bit more chaotic in Jace’s life as a result of his rise to fame, it’s clear that he’ll never switch up on his day ones. Jace seems to long for simpler days in the nostalgic new release, but it’s clear he isn’t done progressing both sonically and personally.

Press play on Jace’s newest offering, “Rewind” below and check out the rest of side B of out Elevator X Hpnotiq- Iconiq Vol 2 mixtape here.



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