Hpnotiq wouldn’t exist without hip hop, so when it came time to show love to their roots, ELEVATOR was the ideal partner. The ICONIQ mixtape pays homage to Hpnotiq’s roots while giving shine to the future with 9 ELEVATOR exclusives and 6 tracks from the Hpno community. All in one ICONIQ tape. Listen now and stay tuned each week as we roll out new videos.

Big Baby Scumbag

The Sunshine State is shining bright, thanks in-part to Big Baby’s tidal wave of feel-good bangers. His animated style makes for some of the most infectious songs on SoundCloud, paving a straight path to eventual stardom for the Tampa Bay resident. Always rockin’ a smile while sporting gold grills, Big Baby Scumbag is truly leading playful hip-hop militia.

Insomniac Rarri

Currently based in California but raised in Ohio, Rarri is the Insomniac rap crew’s best kept secret. The buzzing artist has already accumulated millions of views across his limited discography and looks to spice up his extend his resumé with his recently released mixtape ‘2OUTH2ID3 WORLDWID3.’ Only time will tell where Rarri’s craft will take him, but it’ll most definitely be in the most upward direction.

Matty Wood$

St. Louis isn’t particularly known for their booming music scene, but Matty Wood$ is aiming to change that. His music is driven by a heavy melodic influence, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that he can rap circles around your favorite emcee. The young talent is currently celebrating the success of his breakthrough hit ‘Dropout,’ and looks to continue shining a spotlight on his home state of Missouri.


FulMetalParka$ has made a name for himself by releasing some of the most striking music videos in the industry. Taking a unique approach to representing his highly energetic songs in visual form, the Virginia native aims to provide an unforgettable viewing experience with each & every drop. His blue dreadlocks and distinctive style blend with identifiable sounds to craft an incredibly intriguing aura that’ll leave you craving more.


Denver-based artist ITSOKTOCTRY will be the first to tell you that he’s not a rapper. His dark style is more comparable to that of a rock/hip-hop crossover, though you’ll have trouble finding someone remotely similar to the red-haired genius.

UG Vavy

Over the years, UG Vavy has meticulously crafted a distinctive sound, frequently referred to as “triphop.” Dubbed by the rapper himself, this term fits his style like a glove – as melodic flows blend with electronic-influenced instrumentals to produce an extraordinary tone. Raised in Uptown Chicago, Illinois, Vavy looks to keep reppin’ for his city as he begins to emerge as one of their frontrunners.

$teven Cannon

Originally born in Cincinnati, Ohio, rapper Steven Cannon recently made the move of a lifetime to Los Angeles and hasn’t looked back since. At only 22 years old, the Xanarchy affiliate is prospering as both a musical artist and the owner of his own clothing line. Racking up millions of streams across his SoundCloud hits including ‘Blue Dolphin’ & ‘Xan Man,’ Cannon has built a massive audience that can’t seem to get enough of his calm & cool demeanor.


Chicago’s South Side is home numerous hip-hop superstars, and 22-year-old Spenzo looks to continue this tradition. By providing a refreshing, lyrical twist to the Drill Music sub-genre, the Englewood native has stood out since the release of his debut mixtape ‘In Spenzo We Trust.’ Though he’s come a long way since the 2013 release, Spenzo continues to shine in times of darkness and is on the brink of massive prosperity.


Born and raised in Chicago, Valee has solidified himself as one of the city’s most recognizable voices. His groggy flows consistently blend with a taste of the luxurious lifestyle to craft short-but-sweet bangers, positioning himself on the tipping point of national stardom. Valee’s most recently released project ‘1988’ displays his unrivaled style perfectly, and in-time will prove to be a timeless piece of art.

#HPNOTIQICONIQ Submission Artists


Combining unorthodox flows and smooth singing, TheMostStrange has created a lane that explores the deeper/darker parts of the mind. His album “The Circus” will arrive this fall.

AJ Snow & Juicy Beats

AJ Snow grew his fanbase on the strength of a smooth, laid back style and clever wordplay – reminiscent of the golden era of southern hip-hop while also pulling influence from the modern west coast.

Geno Five

A 21-year-old Jersey native with music that revolves around positive energy and overcoming adversity. Known for his charisma and lyricism, he gives listeners a breath of fresh air with every released track. That’s Geno.

Big Breakfast

BIG BREAKFAST is a rapper and producer from Long Island known for his complex multi-syllabic rhyme patterns and goofy nostalgic references to pop culture. His beats are smooth head knocking skeletons for his his dumb raps to flow over. He claims to have invented “ICE POP”, a genre that no one has heard of because it doesn’t really exist.

T-Mac Deflare

A 27 year old GA native who started getting great responses after dropping his first video “Rondo” on YouTube and he hasn’t looked back since.

AB Flexin

The lord of the west, The suburban superstar. 21 year old upcoming artist Ab Flexinn plans to put his hometown of Long Island on the map in a major way through his music, which he labels “Suburban Trap”. Stay on the lookout for Ab and his sounds that range from hyped up ragers to laid back melodic vibes.