Aug 5, 2019

BBY Kodie is on a different wave than other Texas artists.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

BBY Kodie is one of my favorite rising emcees at the moment and he has just blessed his fanbase with another track titled “UNBELIEVABLE”, along with a music video for it. Kodie is one of the more unique emerging artists for a multitude of reasons spanning from his musical capabilities to his overall appearance and style. Kodie on the track is always appealing because the instrumentals he’s accustomed to flowing on are all outlandishly enticing and Kodie has the talent of being able to ride any instrumental he touches. His choppy and anthemic verses are authentic and appealing as he always knows how to match the energy of the beat with his prominent deliveries. Kodie’s style is also unmatched and it is evident if anyone checks out his Instagram, which has a certain element of anonymity, as his clothing and pictures are unique and showcases his original swag.

The mesmerizing video is shot by Kodie’s close friend, Lilnofriends, and he highlights Kodie in a parking lot at nighttime. Kodie is illuminated by car headlights and Lilnofriends edits in various colors that morph into the headlights. The video is pretty trippy as the bright lights essentially dance all around the screen and disfigure Kodie but overall equally as appealing as the song. Keep your eye on BBY Kodie as he continues to strive to further himself and his talent in the music industry.

Enjoy “UNBELIEVABLE” below.