Oct 7, 2020

Elevator music for your ears.


by Malc


HOGARTH is made up of producer Felix Stephens and singer Finn Lacey, two classically trained musicians who met at school, took influences from Indie pop and Bossa, and began writing songs together. Composing regularly in Felix’s shed, they cultivated a sound that is similar to the 60s sunshine classics of scorching California.

Their new track "This Boy" is Elevator music that makes you never want to arrive at your floor, a The Beatles classic infused with trademark Latin rhythm and harmony that will be followed up by a house remix on the 9th October. The track slots into a slow samba tempo from the word go, adding intimate vocal layers with each verse.

Supporting the music, Hogarth’s self-directed and cameraman-less video offers an array of images of a variety of participants that are each performing the same simple, yet endearing dance. Check it out below.