Jan 20, 2018

Initial reports of gunshots were false.


by liammccarthy


Every year, the ASAP Mob pays homage the legendary ASAP Yams with a celebration featuring their closest friends & affiliates. Last night the annual event took place at the New York Expo Center in the Bronx, and saw performances from Lil Yachty, Nav, A$AP Rocky, 6ix9ine and more before a brawl broke out on stage at approximately 10:30pm.

Initial reports included claims of gunshots, but those have since been debunked by the New York Police Department. The NYPD gave a statement to Pitchfork saying, “There was a large crowd leaving the concert—no gunshots, no injuries.”

The hectic scene can be seen in videos below. Luckily no injuries have been reported thus far.

Yams day WILD pic.twitter.com/RTj3pquucS

— Mister Cent (@realfrogeyes) January 19, 2018

Yams day WILD part 2 pic.twitter.com/gdpMV8lI3d

— Mister Cent (@realfrogeyes) January 19, 2018