Aug 10, 2019

by Advertiser


“Bradley was born in the Bay Area into a life of alcohol and drug use. His parents split up at a young age leaving him feeling lost. As he was growing up he loved writing poetry. It was very deep and emotional. His father found them one evening and called the police in fear for his son. What he read was enough to get his son some help. The system failed again. He ended up getting his first microphone gifted to him at the age of fifteen and he never stopped writing how he felt down on paper. Just letting it all out. Fast forward a little, now living in Sacramento, he has three beautiful daughters and a lovely wife that love to help any way possible with his music. His most recent child born on Christmas, now six months of age, means the world to him. His oldest daughters always attend concerts with him and ask him when they’ll be able to see him perform live. Supporting his music would be supporting his family and that would mean the world to him!”

Stream “Snap” here: